PyCon UK 2019

Django Girls Workshop
09-14, 09:30–16:00 (Europe/London), Lower Hall

To run a Django Girls workshop in line with the Django Girls organiser's manual for up to 60 women/non-binary attendees apply online via our website (

To run the workshop Saturday 14th September 9.30-16.30.

The goal of the workshop is to give programming beginners the chance to learn how to create a website and also to find out more about the UK Python community.

Django Girls is a crash course that is aimed at total beginners. You don’t need to know anything about programming, we just expect you to bring your own laptop, to be able to commit to the all-day workshop on Saturday 14th September and to have a sufficient understanding of English so you’re able to follow our English tutorial. You will work through the tutorial in a small group of three attendees and one coach so you’ll be able to do it at your own pace. If you’d like to join us, please apply below.

Is your proposal suitable for beginners? – yes

PyCon UK organising volunteer and organiser of past two PyCon UK Django Girls workshops.

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