PyCon UK 2019

Django Girls Workshop
2019-09-14, 09:30–16:00, Lower Hall

To run a Django Girls workshop in line with the Django Girls organiser's manual for up to 60 women/non-binary attendees

To run the workshop Saturday 14th September 9.30-16.30 with an installation party Friday evening.

The goal of the workshop is to give programming beginners the chance to learn how to create a website and also to find out more about the UK Python community.

Promotion and recruitment of attendees and mentoring coaches will be via our on Django Girls website and social media. We'll be looking to recruit around 20 coaches from the Python community.

In previous years, coaches have not needed to purchase conference tickets for the workshop day, just for any other days they attend.

Workshop attendees have been offered free tickets for the rest of the conference.

Is your proposal suitable for beginners? – True