PyCon UK 2019

Just Visiting
09-13, 10:30–13:30 (Europe/London), Jail

A visit to Her Majesty's Prison, Cardiff

During PyCon UK 2019 there will be a visit to HMP Cardiff. The application is open to conference delegates only.

The visit will take place on Friday 13 September from 11:00 to 13:30. We will leave the conference at 10:30 immediately after the Keynote. The walk to the prison will take ~13 minutes.

The visit will be hosted by a representative of HMPPS New Futures Network and will include a tour of training workshops, a presentation about education in prison and employing those coming out of prison.

Due to limited spaces completing the form does not guarantee a place on the visit. You will receive an email following the application deadline of Friday 6 September.

For more information email David Spademan at

Sign up at

Is your proposal suitable for beginners? – yes

Even though he is not a coder David has become a regular visitor to PyCon UK supporting his son, Luke. David has found the community to be very welcoming and presented a Lightning Talk last year on the idea of coding in prisons.

David is a prison chaplain and is passionate about providing prisoners with hope and purpose. This can include inspiring and helping them to code and in providing employment opportunities on release.

He is keen to get a Code Club going in his own prison, HMP Onley - this ambition is still to be realised.

David is at PyCon UK from Friday to Monday and happy to connect with anyone during that time with any questions or just to say hello.