PyCon UK 2019

Automating web applications with Selenium WebDriver
09-15, 10:30–12:00 (Europe/London), Room C

Selenium WebDriver is a popular open-source cross-platform browser automation framework. This workshop will cover using Selenium to create automated tests, including topics such as object identification, adding verifications and synchronisation, parameterising a script, creating a page model

Selenium is an automation tool that is mainly used for creating automated tests for web applications. It can be used with most popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.
This will be a fast paced, hands-on workshop covering topics such as:
- what is functional testing and why it is important
- installing Selenium
- using Selenium with different browsers
- object identification- how to get Selenium to recognise objects in your application using various different methods
- verifications- using a unit testing framework to add testing features to a Selenium script
- synchronisation- getting Selenium and your application to work nicely together
- parameterising a script- different techniques for varying the data used by your script
- creating a page model- using stored object definitions to reduce the script maintenance required

Is your proposal suitable for beginners? – maybe

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