PyCon UK 2019

Telling Stories With Python and Ren'Py
09-16, 10:30–12:00 (Europe/London), Room A

Make your own interactive fiction game using Ren'Py

You might be familiar with interactive fiction from 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books, visual novels, or text-based games where what you type controls the story. Ren'Py lets us design our own interactive fiction with the power of Python. It is a game engine with its own scripting language, built on Python and Pygame.

During the session you'll make a start on your own interactive fiction game in Ren'Py, with advice from the workshop coach on how to incorporate native Python code to add extra effects and mini-games within your story.

Pre-requisites: a laptop with Ren'Py installed (get it from ) and a text editor such as Gedit.

Is your proposal suitable for beginners? – yes

I've had the chance to be involved in all sorts of interesting projects across my career, from cutting edge medical technologies to dispensing soup to printing with chocolate, detergent and cheese! I currently work at Stratasys, helping develop software for our industrial 3D printers. I love to meet people getting started with Python - it's my first love and always the language I return to. If you want to get me talking, tell me about something you'd like to 3D print.

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