PyOhio 2020 Lightning & Thunder Talks

For our 2020 virtual conference we will be presenting all short talks. The only difference between the two types is the length:

Lightning Talks - 4-5 minutes
Thunder Talks - 9-10 minutes

All talks will be pre-recorded by the presenter and must be submitted to PyOhio by July 10, 2020. Instructions for recording and submitting talk video will be posted soon.

Similar to the Lightning Talks sessions in PyOhios past, we will be accepting talks on any topic of interest to the PyOhio community. A Python connection certainly helps but is not necessarily required for topics that are relevant to Python users such as professional skills and community building.

Note: We aim to start sending out acceptances in the first week of June so depending on the number of submissions we receive you may have a better chance of having your proposal selected if you submit before June 1.

You can enter submissions until 2020-06-14 11:59 (US/Eastern), 1 week, 5 days from now.