Python Brasil 2023: Call for Papers

Python Brasil 2023 is committed to presenting a diverse grid of activities in levels and themes. If you are reading this and are interested in doing some activity at our event, we want you to send us a proposal.

All people are encouraged to submit an activity proposal, regardless of their technical expertise level or activity theme.

General Information

Python Brasil 2023 activities will take place in person from October 30 to November 05 in Caxias do Sul (RS), with live content streaming available on an online platform.. Like all previous editions, we will have talks, tutorials and sprints.

  • This form is unique for the 3 activities of the event, so if you want to submit a proposal for any of the activities, please proceed with filling out the information.

  • You can submit up to 3 lectures and 3 tutorials, but a maximum of 1 activity of each type per proposer will be selected, in order to have a greater diversity of speakers and lecturers.

  • There is no evaluation or limit for sprint submissions, as it is expected that the person submitting the sprint will lead and organize the suggested project, with assistance of the event organizers.

  • Two people are allowed to present the same talk. We ask that only one person submit the proposal, there will be a co-authorship field in the submission form.

Guidelines for Submission of Activities

All activity content, whether slides or any other means of presentation, must be appropriate for a professional audience. Sexual language or images and any prejudiced expression that defames or diminishes people on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical appearance or disability, among others, are not allowed. The event values diversity and respect for all people.

Respect the time allotted for your activity, this will be your total time, including interaction with the audience, questions and answers, raffles and any activity related to your presentation.

Everyone attending the event is expected to read and agree to the Code of Conduct of Python Brasil.

How will your talk or tutorial be evaluated?

In order to make the evaluation process more transparent and to engage the community, we invite all people who submit activities to participate in the evaluation process.

The evaluation is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended, as well as being an opportunity to learn about other projects being developed in the community.

There will be no evaluation for sprints, the organization will only validate if the submitted proposal fits the objectives of the activity.

This Call for Papers closed on 2023-06-21 23:59 (America/Sao_Paulo).