Bulgaria Protests 2020
2020-12-27, 14:00–14:40, chaosstudio-hamburg

2020 was and still is an eventful year - pandemic, protests, orange men, you name it. This talk is a comprehensive overview about yet another tumult: the protests that occured in Bulgaria in 2020, months of demonstrations against an European Union member state government that were largely unacknowledged in the rest of the EU - from the perspective of an expat and an involved small scale activist on the fringe.

Do you see us?
The goal is to convey to some extent my expat experience and acquired updated knowledge I made while trying to figure out what exactly was going on as the protests erupted in my home country, who were the actors, what do they want. This will include a marathon though a brief historical background, introduction to some of the main political and criminal actors, societal factors, the story of how a national flag on a beach in Rossenez started it all among others, how the protests developed and finally the EU's position or the lack of such. In order to give you a better info and different perspectives in this time slot, I've also invited to join:
- Rosen, journalist: Why Bulgaria is on the last place of media freedom in EU?
- Sabina Hilaiel, an Assistant professor. Her research focuses on the influence of the EU on democratic transitions in the post communist world
- Radka, lawyer, former emigrant and active protester with a comment on the Bulgarian judiciary

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