youtube algorithm analysis
2020-12-28, 19:00–20:00 (Europe/Berlin), OIO/A:F Workshop

In this workshop, we'll show how it is possible to audit and discuss the youtube algorithm. It is widely known it personalize your experience: but what does it mean? How can we measure it? With a free software toolchain, you'll see how to scrape youtube pages passively and analyze that metadata. You should join if: 1) you know filter bubbles exist but aren't unclear what it means, 2) you want to criticize big tech and AI with new narratives; and 3) if you are into data visualization or privacy analysis!

we will present functionalities of https://youtube.tracking.exposed and a few method to do data analysis. The workshop would be guided with an online tutorial we are designing for rC3, and we'll be remotely connected to offer support.