Eva Porating
2020-12-28, 18:28–19:54 (Europe/Berlin), rC3 Lounge

Eva comes from Slovakia where she spent her teenage years playing bass guitar and singing in hardcore and punk bands. During her visit to London she suddenly found herself standing in the middle of Fabric’s dancefloor and needles to say, she loved what she heard there. After relocating to Brno she met Psj and Møreti and a deep friendship has started which generated a small record store or the locally unparalleled club phenomenon – the MUAH events. Eva is an eager sonic explorer, who binds all her influences into mystical adventures. Aside from regular spots in dozens of clubs around central Europe, Eva holds a residency at Radio Punctum with her Anemone show. It’s sometimes slower, at times just more daring, but doesn’t differ that much from her club slots. Taking your shoes off together with any other constraints holding you back is what Eva highly appreciates.