2020-12-29, 02:06–03:07 (Europe/Berlin), rC3 Lounge

In life, encounters are countless, all the more in night life. Some are coming, some leaving, and some came here to stay. When meeting Hypnorex, his incomprehensible warmth and strength may take you in first. And then: depth. Something you would most likely translate as attention to detail. An instinct for what it takes - an unmistakable feel for the moment - this is what makes a difference. To consider one self as part of the night, a fellow inmate of those outside the booth. To read from one's very surroundings where the journey may be heading. No Musts, but endless Mays, no limits but playful exploration, no bold authenticity: this may be the most accurate description of the Berlin-based DJ. A night always evolves from its flow, far beyond musical frontiers and distinction. It’s dancers' territory. Nothing more, and nothing less.