Home automation for noobs and nerds
2020-12-29, 14:00–16:00 (Europe/Berlin), c-base Berlin

A short overview about home automation basics and history as well as a hands on to HomeAssistant and ESPHome on a RaspberryPi. If you ever wanted to get started with home automation you should start here.

I would like to give you a overview about the History of my personal HomeAutomation Experience
with good and bad things i had to deal with.

In the first part of the Workshop i like to talk a bit about the basics of home automation to ramp up everyone.

A rough overview would be

  • Home Automation - imagination vs. reality
  • Sensor, Actor WTF?
  • What hardware to be dealt with
  • Evaluation of HomeAutomation hubs
  • Which software/standard will cross your way on the component side
  • How to bring them all together

In the Second Part of the Workshop i will guide you trough the Initial Setup of HomeAssistant(hass.io)
and try to integrate whatever you have at home together with you.
Also i will show some tweaks that are not come with the default setup.

  • Hassio Installation
  • Hassio Configuration
  • Intro to the hassio dashboard
  • Intro to HomeAssistant Automations
  • NodeRed vs. Builtin Automation capability
  • NodeMCU/ESP32/ESP8266 the easy way
  • Customisations without any limits
  • What else you have in mind for home-automations??

What to Bring to the Workshop?
Raspberry PI 3 B/B+ or 4B
or a Virtualization that can handle VMDK, VHDX, VDI, QCOW2 or OVA.