RoboCon 2024

RoboCon 2024 – Call for Speakers

We are waiting for you!

Come and speak at the biggest Robot Framework conference! Share your knowledge, tools and experiences with the experts from around the world. Submit a proposal and take a chance to make an influential impact on the most amazing open-source community.

Submission deadline: 22nd October 2023 at 11:59 PM.

About the conference

RoboCon is the crown jewel of the Robot Framework community. Once again we are gathering together as a community to learn, exchange knowledge and have a great time with one another. For RoboCon 2024 we will have a similar fully in-person conference and then a few weeks later a full online conference like the year before.

The in-person conference will be held in Helsinki 8-9 February, 2024. Please also reserve the 6th and 7th of February for learning in the workshops and for the Community Day. The Community Day is an open space for the community to learn, discuss and advance topics related to Robot Framework. This might include workshop participants practicing what they learned with the help of the workshop facilitators. The online conference will take place 28-29 February, 2024 followed by the community day on the 1st of March.

All in-person conference talks will be presented in-person, on stage in Helsinki. The online conference will be live-streamed with pre-recorded talks and a selection of Helsinki talks with a live Q&A by the awesome Joe Colantonio. The talks are planned to be shared post-conference on our YouTube Channel.

Speaker Compensation for the onsite conference

For on-site speakers who live outside the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, we will reimburse travel expenses up to €500 in addition to the free conference ticket with backstage pass.

Speaker Compensation for the online conference

All speakers will be provided with free online tickets. If you do not have the proper audio equipment for your recording, we would be happy to support you with some good quality microphone. We have to report that equipment as financial compensation to the Finnish tax department, so that you would have to report that as income to your local tax authority. The equipment is worth ~€260.

Call For Speakers Instructions

This Call For Speakers is for both the in-person and online portions of the conference. Please fill out the following form with information about what you would like to present and some information about yourself. What is your presentation about? What will the audience be able to take away from your talk? What audience will your talk be for? Please add any pertinent information that you would like for us to consider to the Notes section.

This Call for Papers closed on 2023-10-22 23:59 (Europe/Helsinki).