State of the Map Africa 2021

Dorice Lucas Mawona

Dorice Lucas Mawona,
Mapping Quality Assurance Officer at OMDTZ/HOT Tanzania.

In July 2017, it was my pleasure to join HOT as a volunteer mapper where I was able to contribute to the project of Dar Raman Huria through tracing roads and buildings. The project aimed to create map data that will be potentially useful in helping communities to prepare and escape from floods.

In the mid of February 2018, I was appointed to be a supervisor/ Quality assurance Officer in the digitization team. Within my role, I have been ensuring the quality of the data provided by digitizers through revising their works done every day, creating tasks to be performed, taking statistics of digitized buildings or roads, and reporting to the project manager about the progress of the work. As a supervisor, it is also my responsibility to guide the team and to make them understand the reasons behind why we are digitizing.

Here are the projects I worked on so far, Minigrid Tanzania, Minigrid Zambia, METEOR project, and road coverage in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Tanzania.


Leveraging AI for Road Mapping in Tanzania
Tonny John, Dorice Lucas Mawona, Christina Reuben, Neema Alphonce

In Tanzania for the last year our team has been working on digitizing the road network in ten regions including Zanzibar using Artificial Intelligence. Formerly these regions had sparse coverage of OSM data, which made accessibility difficult for the people and businesses across the country. In the end we managed to generate the most comprehensive dataset of roads in Tanzania. Our talk will go into details on the methodology, tools, and technology behind the project.

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