State of the Map Africa 2021

Erick Mnyali

I am organized, meticulous and adaptive environmental scientist and Geographical
Information System (GIS) specialist with three years of experience in spatial and non-spatial
data visualization, management, mapping, modeling and analysis. I am also capable of
conducting training on applications on geospatial technology techniques for field workers and
learners in various fields. These skills and experience makes me a great team player focused
on adding value to any enterprise. My career lies upon these skills to support decision makers
with accurate and updated information to address different environmental challenges with
their solutions and sustainable use of natural resources through research and consultations.


Geospatial data for improving secondary effects mitigation during disasters
Erick Mnyali

Primary effects of disasters accounts also for secondary impacts. Spread of diseases such as cholera is one of the impacts that is accompanied with floods. This visualization describes the use of field data of trash points collected to design the best waste collection route. The output is base map that targets to serve as the guide for waste collectors and the municipal to enhance community resilience during disasters.

Cartography and Data Visualization
Room 2