State of the Map Africa 2021

Alazar Tekle

I am a web developer and GIS professional. I have started OSM mapping in 2009. I have participated in various mapping projects for both business and community works, that enabled me to train more than 15 people on the OSM based mapping, visualization and editing using QGIS and JOSM. I love open-source projects and technologies as they are the best solution for developing a well trained and equipped mappers and IT professionals for developing countries like mine (Ethiopia).


OpenStreetMap for Business in Ethiopia - the case of AddisMap
Alazar Tekle

Beyond community mapping and humanitarian services OSM maps can be used in a wide range of business applications. One of them is location based businesses promotion and information portal. Hence or was founded. It works by adding custom map layer containing relevant business information for each individual POIs. It creates a standard business/information page for every POI/location added.

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