State of the Map Africa 2021

Patricia Solis

Patricia Solís, PhD, geographer, is co-founder and director of YouthMappers, a
consortium of student-led humanitarian mapping chapters on more than 291 university
campuses in 62+ countries. The program creates and uses open, volunteered spatial
data in collaboration with USAID, including projects to combat malaria in Africa, flooding
in East Asia, hurricanes and earthquakes in Latin America and the Caribbean, rural
electrification in West Africa and heat related deaths in Arizona. Solís is Executive
Director of the Knowledge Exchange for Resilience at Arizona State University, an
interdisciplinary effort to link multi-sector community needs with research innovations
around resilience to economic shocks, social disruption, and environmental threats. She
is an Associate Research Professor in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban
Planning at ASU. Her disciplinary expertise centers on the application of participatory
geospatial technologies for humanitarian, environment and development needs. Solís
also serves a diplomatic appointment as President of the PanAmerican Institute of
Geography and History for the Organization of American States and on the Fulbright
Roster of Experts.

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Patricia Solis
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