State of the Map Africa 2021

Tonny John

Associate Project Manager at OpenMap Development Tanzania (OMDTZ) basing in Tanzania. I joined HOT as a volunteer mapper in March 2015. My first professional engagement with HOT was in a project called Ramani Huria, a project based on Community Mapping for Flood Resilience in Dar es Salaam city. During this project, I experienced data collecting using GPS and field papers at different wards affected by Floods across Dar es salaam. Also experienced in using JOSM editor for cleaning and uploading data to OpenStreetMap as well as remote mapping. I also worked on a project on Malaria Elimination through remote mapping.


Leveraging AI for Road Mapping in Tanzania
Tonny John, Dorice Lucas Mawona, Christina Reuben, Neema Alphonce

In Tanzania for the last year our team has been working on digitizing the road network in ten regions including Zanzibar using Artificial Intelligence. Formerly these regions had sparse coverage of OSM data, which made accessibility difficult for the people and businesses across the country. In the end we managed to generate the most comprehensive dataset of roads in Tanzania. Our talk will go into details on the methodology, tools, and technology behind the project.

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