State of the Map Africa 2021

Photomapping Uganda's New Cities
11-20, 15:30–15:50 (UTC), Room 2
Language: English

Photomapping Uganda's New cities is a continuous project that looks at using using street-level Mapillary photos to add details to remotely mapped data for Uganda's New Cities. Previously, MapUganda executed a project for Mapping New Cities where all newly elevated cities were remotely mapped on OpenStreetMap to create Open Basemap data and maps to be used for city planners and administrators.

Photomapping Uganda's New Cities is a project that was developed after remote mapping of the New Cities.
The project looked at creating and adding more local detail to OpenStreetMap through the use of street-level photos captured through Mapillary.
Under this project, three cities in Uganda were piloted and extensive Mapillary campaigns were carried out to capture over 100000 photos with street details.
These Cities included Masaka in the Central, Lira in the North, and Mbale city in the East.
A combined effort of the MapUganda Community, YouthMappers from different chapters in Uganda, and the city administrators made this project possible.
The project involves two phases that are Mapillary photo capture and JOSM Mapping. After the photos are captured, uploaded, and published on Mapillary, then tasks are created on the HOT Tasking manager to organize the mapping. Mapillary Plugin is then downloaded and configured in JOSM and the captured photos are then used to add details to the existing remotely mapped data.