State of the Map Africa 2021

Learning to map! Why and What do you map?
2021-11-21, 14:20–14:40 (UTC), Room 1
Language: English

There are many interesting things about contributing to OpenStreetMap, one of them I am personally fascinated about is Your first edit / changeset. The OSM Ecosystem has several tools and approaches for creating data. Which of these methods, and what actually do you map? This talk is about some best practices in mapping / introducing mappers to OpenStreetMap that we sometimes ignore and recommendations.

It is no doubt that everyone can edit OpenStreetMap, this allows some mistakes to be easily made even though commonly used editors such JOSM, iD, etc., can flag some of these issues, they are sometimes missed. Notwithstanding, this project has been running for long, thanks to the good faith of many volunteer contributors. In this presentation, I will explore some commonly ignored best practices. It is my hope to be able to convince you enough to take responsibility of data you add to OpenStreetMap or whenever you teach others about OpenStreetMap.

Some useful links:
- Good practice
- How to map a...
- Good changeset comment

Free / Libre and Open Source Software, Open Data advocate and participates Communities of Practice such as OprenStreetMap, Open Source Geospatial Foundation, Wikimedia Ghana User Group, Linux Accra User Group, etc, you can find me on here

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