State of the Map Africa 2021

Using Kobo Toolbox for OSM mapping
2021-11-20, 15:05–16:05 (UTC), Room 1
Language: English

This workshop will cover the basics of using Kobo toolbox, Open Data Kit and JOSM to do basic field mapping in OSM. Map Kibera has been using Kobo and ODK and working with Kobo to create better ways to get data into JOSM for field mapping. The workshop will share these tools with a hands on approach.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to learn how to use Kobo Toolbox (humanitarian version) to easily field map, and then create data exports that are easier to work with in JOSM. The workshop assumes some experience with JOSM. We will share tools that we have been creating with Kobo to used OSM as a tagging language in Kobo, and to export in various ways for a more streamlined integration with JOSM.

You will not need to know how to use Kobo prior to the workshop.

We hope this virtual workshop can help you do more and better mobile field mapping.