State of the Map Africa 2021

The New Cities Project Uganda
2021-11-20, 15:05–15:25 (UTC), Room 2
Language: English

OpenStreetMap Uganda (MapUganda) is a Ugandan registered NGO whose major activities involve promoting community mapping, GIS awareness, actively contributing to open data, and building a network of enthusiastic community mappers in Uganda.
The New Cities project is trying to address the challenge of unemployment through our internship programs that aim at skilling our students with actual marketable skills in the Job Market by providing a platform for individuals to learn, grow and develop in their careers that can be a stepping stone for these graduates to have a fresh start whether in the employment or self-employment industry.

Over the years, MapUganda, has worked on various projects that include the Open Mapping program that involved using open source GIS tools for disaster reduction and recovery assessment in Kampala, The Kampala Para-transit Project which involved mapping of the major transport routes, taxi/bus stops, stages and frequency counts involving taxis and bus rapid transit; which would provide safe, equitable, and efficient transport options to public transport users.
MapUganda is currently working on the New Cities project which is a mapping campaign to remotely map the various cities of Uganda. This project is also aimed at growing and increasing the number of community mappers in Uganda as well as improving and updating the data contributed on OSM.

OpenStreetMap Uganda also aims to absorb some of these interns into their programs and projects and also to outsource or connect these interns to other industries where they can continue to grow in their respective careers.

I am currently a volunteer and trainer with OpenStreetMap Uganda, an NGO registered here in Uganda. I am also a graduate student of Geo-information science and technology and passionate about GIS and remote sensing.
It is and has always been a pleasure sharing knowledge and learning in a multicultural environment and I am confident that this opportunity will be a great fit for me because I derive satisfaction in sharing and learning from people who come from multiple backgrounds.