State of the Map Africa 2021

Lightning Talks I
2021-11-19, 16:20–16:55 (UTC), Room 1
Language: English

Don't Forget To Re-Survey

Ilya Zverev

Casual Mapper is a new iOS and Android app that simplifies a task of keeping the map updated. With it you go outside and refresh all the data in just a few hours. No need for walking papers or photos, and you always know how much you've done and how much you missed.

Cartographier tout seul chez soi ?

Claire Halleux

Lorsqu'une crise frappe et que les rassemblements et les mouvements sont restreints, les mapathons et cartoparties se retrouvent annulés, de quelle manière peut-on continuer à (trouver du plaisir à) contribuer à OSM ? Autant la pandémie que d'autres événements sont susceptibles d'impacter les activités collectives, comment les contributeurs se sont-ils adaptés pour poursuivre leur passion malgré les restrictions ?

My dreams for OpenStreetMap in eSwatini


I have a dream! My dream is to see an OpenStreetMap community in eSwatini.
The OpenStreetMap community is just starting up in eSwatini with a group of 10 volunteers and a YouthMappers chapter in place, we are having big plans to grow the community. Some of these plans were hampered by COVID, but we are working around it. In this session, we share our plans, challenges, and opportunities faced on our journey so far.

The MapLesotho project and its legacy

Mzwandile Thokoane

This talk will give an overview of the MapLesotho project which introduced Lesotho to open street map, by highlighting its success story in achieving a map that covers the entire country, the things that were learnt throughout the project. Also, the challenges currently facing the continuation of its legacy following its end in 2018.

Structures de santé et pharmacies à Kinshasa


Il s'agit d'un projet réalisé pendant la période de crise du Covid 19, pour répertoirer les structures de santé et pharmacies ouvertes pendant les heures de restriction tels que couvre feu et confinement ou encore en cas d'urgence sanitaire dans le but d'obtenir une carte interactive