Martin Dittus

I'm a digital geographer at the Oxford Internet Institute where I research the information geography of Wikipedia and other large online platforms. Who controls and has access to these digital representations of the world's knowledge?

I am a voting member of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), and in past years worked closely with HOT organisers to try and understand how best to foster volunteer capacity for their global contributor network. Some of the outcomes are documented in my OpenStreetMap diary.


Oxford Internet Institute

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Caretography - Mapping Difficult Issues with OpenStreetMap during Difficult Times
David Garcia, Martin Dittus

We map because we care to represent the world. Yet maps are never "true", they are shaped by their creators and their circumstances. Map-making is world-making: maps by different authors can give access to different worlds. So how can we make, share, and use maps that are created by these worlds, and not just by a privileged few? How can vulnerable communities influence how they’re represented and affected by our maps?

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