OSM Data: From Digital to Physical Design
09-21, 16:30–16:50 (Europe/Berlin), Großer Hörsaal

Exploring the visualization of OSM data outside its digital form and how it can be applied to everyday object from book cover to wallpaper. This talk will discuss on how to elevate OSM data beyond maps, exploring its potential in data-as-decor on both public and private space. The talk will describe the tools and workflow on how to create these product as well as its strengths and weakness.

When people describe OSM data, usually it will revolve around its structures, type and geometry. And normally the data will be transform into maps, both in printed and digital format. Yet, we believe that it should not stay that way. Several efforts have been made to transform OSM data into everyday product, from simple things such as book cover, t-shirt design to wallpaper or wall paintings. Its open data license enables vast array of customization into product that some may consider as a work of art without constrained by cost and licensing. We will showcase what have been created by OSM community all around the world from OSM data in everyday objects and several products that we created ourselves for event merchandises (book cover, key chains, sticker, mouse pad, goody bag) and office decoration.

For the product that we create we will explain the tools (software and hardware), options for media used and what is the workflow to create such product so that it will inspire the audience to create their own product for their area of interest as well as building geographic identity through design. We want to proliferate OSM data and transform its data beyond maps and explore its potential in non-conventional design.

Subtitle Co-authors

Wulan Khairunisa

Talk keywords

data as design