Christoph Hanser

Christoph Hanser is Co-founder and President of Trufi Association in Hamburg, Germany. When Christoph lived in Bolivia in 2010, he saw a great need for digital solutions to make the informal public transport system more accessible. As a public transport enthusiast he wants to reduce complexity, unreliability and make public transport more available and more attractive in cities like La Paz. For his journeys, he is mainly cycling, taking public transport and sharing a car with other families. Besides Trufi, he is the CEO of QUIBIQ Hamburg, an IT company specialised in enterprise application integration. Follow Christoph on LinkedIn or email at

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Christoph Hanser


How to publish a multi-modal journey app based on OSM with Trufi App
Christoph Hanser

Trufi Association NGO offers an open-source journey planner app for formal and informal transport, based on public transport mapped in OpenStreetMap. In this extended talk, I would like to explain, how the participants can be customize the app to their own city, region, and country.

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