Submission Guidelines

See the Call for Abstracts for the Academic Track. Questions directed to the Scientific Committee should be sent to LINK REQUIRES UPDATING

Description of fields
  • Title: Title of the contribution
  • Submission type: Type of submission (20 minute talk)
  • Abstract: Short summary (1-2 sentences) of the contribution to appear in the official conference program
  • Description: This is the academic abstract that will be used to evaluate your submission. Length must be between 500 and 800 words
  • Additional speaker (optional): E-mail address of one co-author in case he/she also attends to the State of the Map 2020 (see notes).
  • Details of all authors (required): Details for all authors, including yourself. Please enter details following the requested format (see notes).
  • Notice that the Additional speaker field on the first screen relates only to a co-author who will be attending State of the Map 2020 as well.
  • When entering authors' details (name, affiliation, e-mail) in the relevant field (appearing on the Questions section), please separate entries with semicolons and allow one line per author, i.e.:
    name of 1st co-author; affiliation of 1st co-author; e-mail of 1st co-author;
    name of 2nd co-author; affiliation of 2nd co-author; e-mail of 2nd co-author;

This Call for Papers closed on 2020-03-26 23:59 (UTC).