Dickson Chinguwo

Dickson Chinguwo has since 2014 been involved in community mapping exercises throughout Malawi. He has conducted some training in HEI on mapping using teachOSM. Dickson is one of the administrators of Malawi Spatial Data Portal (MASDAP) - which is an open access portal for sharing spatial data in Malawi. Currently he is pursuing his PhD in Geo-Spatial Science with Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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Community mapping a means to building resilience

The study contributes towards some best practices of carrying out community mapping exercise and, distribution of results freely on OSM and spatial data portal like MASDAP for further studies or decision making. Thus the study focused on preparing for mapping - what to map, how to map and how to record the data; the mapping exercise itself; downloading and digitizing of data in map production; and how to use the maps to aid in decision making.