UYBHYS24 Call For Papers

Unlock Your Brain, Harden Your System


The purpose of the Unlock convention is to give an open and free playground where people can discuss the implication of new technologies in society. Unlock is a balanced mix convention where technical and non-technical people can meet each others and share freely all kind of information. The convention will be held in Brest - France in November (08-09.11.2024). The most significant new discoveries about computer network attacks and defenses, open-source security solutions, and pragmatic real world security experience will be presented in a 2 days series of informative tutorials and talks.

Friday 8 November will be devoted to workshops.
Talks will take place on Saturday 9 November.

We would like to invite you to to submit papers, and workshops proposals for selection by the Unlock technical review committee.
All proposals and speakers must comply with our code of conduct.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Software engineering and security
  • Social engineering
  • Honeypots/honeynets
  • Spyware, phishing and botnets (distributed attacks)
  • Newly discovered vulnerabilities in software and hardware
  • Electronic/digital privacy
  • Wireless networks and security
  • Attacks on information systems and/or digital Information storage
  • Electronic voting
  • Free software and security
  • Assessment of computers, electronic devices and information systems
  • Standards for information security
  • Legal and social aspects of information security
  • Software engineering and security
  • Security in information retrieval
  • Network security
  • Malware analysis and reversing
  • Forensics and anti-forensics
  • Offensive (and counter-offensive) information technology
  • Mobile communications security and vulnerabilities
  • CSIRTs, incident analysis and response
  • Information security and data mining
  • Threats exchange and sharing

Speakers’ privileges

  • For the selected talks/presentations/papers, authors will get a free access to the conference
  • One speaker per talk/workshop
  • Travel costs will be covered
  • Accomodation will be provided (up to 3 nights during the convention)
  • Lunch, beverages, and more during the all days of the convention


The languages of the conference are French and English.

Publication and rights

Authors keep the full rights on their publication/papers but give an unrestricted right to redistribute their papers for the Unlock convention and its related electronic/paper publications.


We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the conference, whose values we share, and which has allowed us to draw inspiration from their call for papers.

You can enter proposals until 2024-06-30 17:38 (Europe/Paris), 1 month, 1 week from now.