Barbara Fischer

Originally trained as a historian I am today a committed art manager bringing people together to enhance the impact of arts, culture, and heritage. I started my digital trail working on Wikimedia projects. Co-creating formats like the popular hackathon Coding da Vinci partnering GLAMs and Coders. Thus I am 100% wikified: I endorse volunteer communities and free licenses fostering visibility of digital GLAM content. This is why I work as Liaison Counsel at the German National Library’s Agency for Standardization (DNB) to encourage cooperation and openness in digital transformation. I am the head of the DFG-research project „GND for Cultural data“ and the communication manager for „GND meets Wikibase“. On behalf of the DNB, I initiated the WikiLibrary Manifesto. I work to increase the quality of metadata through Authority Control to foster retrieval and linked data. (Oct 2021)


How to open Authority Control system - The GND & Wikibase
Barbara Fischer, Thomas Bauer

As the digital transformation of the GLAM sector is advancing knowledge graphs become more wanted. Authority files like the GND provide handy reference knots that enhance both retrieval and visibility of the digitized data. As the GND has been a tool mainly serving the needs of librarians until now, its modernization demands alterations both on governance, data modelling and last but not least on the technical infrastructure. To address the latter the German National Library is driving two pilots instances in Wikibase. One will content about 9 Mio GND data items and their cross-references. The second will provide the ruleset on which the edition of GND files is based as structured data. The session will give an insight both into the conceptional work and creating a convincing infrastructure combining Wikibase and other applications. The pilot started in 2018 with a proof of concept and was presented at the WikidataCon in 2019. This year we would like to focus on our roadmap and on challenges deploying Wikibase. Which features do favour our goals, what limitations have we to cope with additional software?

Please compare the Wikibase Manifesto

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