Galder Gonzalez


Global templates: Towards a New Age of Cross-wiki Data Collaboration
Amir Aharoni, Galder Gonzalez, Mike Peel, Kimmo Virtanen, Sergey Leschina, Tpt

Templates and modules are the most important tool that the community of editors on all wikis have to enhance the wiki pages with efficient, uniform, structured and nicely-presented data. They are enormously versatile, and they are used on nearly every wiki page, but because their code is stored on every wiki separately, this makes collaboration across wikis and sharing of content and structured harder than it should be. Since 2004, there were several proposals to allow cross-wiki transclusion or a "global templates repository", and this finally seems to be gaining wide support from the editors community and the leadership. However, once the infrastructure is in place, how will the wikis actually collaborate with each other on developing templates? This panel will present the problem, and attempt to brainstorm on this, with a famous example relevant to Wikidata: the auto-filled Infobox. Several wikis developed Wikidata-driven infoboxes with similar functionality, but different internal implementation. Will they be able to merge at least some of the code and improve the collaboration and the sharing? We'll try to answer.

Sister projects
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We can show lists, graphs, maps (somehow)... let's think on Timelines
Galder Gonzalez

Everyone can embed Wikidata Query results, including maps, graphs, timelines or... whatever. Everyone except us. Some complex modules and templates allow now buildings graphs, there's a limited option to add automatically generated maps and we can do lists. But, there's no option for timelines. Let's talk about what we can do and what is impossible.

Reusable data
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