Jeroen De Dauw

Jeroen created the Wikibase software as part of the original Wikibase team. He held the position of Software Architect at Wikimedia Deutschland till leaving in 2019 to start his own MediaWiki company Professional.Wiki. In 2020 he launched The Wikibase Consultancy, and has since assisted various institutions such as the German National Library and the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture with their Wikibase adoption. He also created a number of open source Wikibase extensions and tools and is a member of the Wikibase Stakeholder Group.


Brief Intro To Our Wikibase Extensions
Jeroen De Dauw

With funding from the community, we created three open source extensions Wikibase. These provide support for local media, extended date time formats and integration with Semantic MediaWiki. In this short session I will demo the functionality and answer your questions.

Room 1