A process to roundtrip Wikidata into Alma using Alma Refine
10-30, 19:50–20:00 (UTC), Room 2

The Penn Libraries participation in the PCC Pilot Project for Identity Management in Wikidata (https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:WikiProject_PCC_Wikidata_Pilot) established over 5,000 Wikidata items as serials from the Penn Libraries Deep Backfiles (https://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/webbin/backfile/penn-serials). Our project has made sure that serial issues in Penn Libraries Deep Backfiles have Wikidata entries that clearly identify them and distinguish them from other serials. We are now in the process of round-tripping the Wikidata Entities back into our source metadata storage--Alma using a version of OpenRefine incorporated into Alma as a cloud app--AlmaRefine.

This presentation will demonstrate the AlmaRefine process and showcase how the round-tripped data allow us to seed BibCard/Knowledge Panel functionality in our discovery systems.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

This presentation speaks to the utility of utilizing Wikidata in external systems; and crucially, how to configure necessary integrations to make hybrid linked data environments feasible. Participants will be able to learn about Alma Refine and its uses for round-tripping data, including pulling in external linked data from Wikibase instances.





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I am the Head of Metadata Research at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries leading linked data and metadata projects and research for the Libraries. Working collaboratively across the Libraries, my work is developing a vision for the services, technologies and policies to enhance discovery of collections, following international standards and best practices for linked data and metadata.