Wikidata in Ireland, WLM and beyond!
10-30, 09:00–09:20 (UTC), Room 2

This will be an exploration of how the Irish community has used Wikidata for Wiki Loves Monuments and what this meant for the representation of Irish built heritage on a number of projects. Both in English and Irish, Wikidata presents a number of interesting opportunities and challenges for building on this work. The incorporation of both Logainm for Irish placenames and a large dataset of Irish lexemes have hugely expanded the Irish language's presence on Wikidata, but where to go from here?

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What will the participants take away from this session?

How a small Wikimedia user group has worked with Wikidata in the implementation of programmes and outreach, using Wiki Loves Monuments as the central example. Further to this, an examination of the representation of the Irish language will be presented, the work done for far and what opportunities exist for small and/or minority languages on Wikidata. This is also to open a discussion on what direction Wikimedia Community Ireland and those working in the Irish language should go next, to learn from the experiences of others by sharing ours.





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I am Project Coordinator for Wikimedia Community Ireland, and I hold a PhD in Digital Media. I'm also a crafter, curator, feminist, nerd, museum and cat enthusiast.

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