Wikidata in Australia showcase
10-31, 03:30–03:55 (UTC), Room 1

Australia has a small but passionate Wikidata community, and in this session several of the projects undertaken by Wikidatans in Australia and New Zealand will be presented, including comprehensive geographic coverage to enable census updates, the development of tools such as Entity Explosion and the WikidataR package, biota projects documenting Australia's unique natural heritage, and the creation of over 270 properties.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

That Australia is "punching above its weight" in the global Wikidata community as one of the smaller but still a significant contributor to the open data movement, and also to demonstrate how comprehensive curation of local or regional data in any country or community and the development of related tools and queries can have many benefits, branching out into new projects, applications, questions, answers and possibilities.





Link to slides–_Wikidata_in_Australia_showcase.pdf

Alex Lum (User:Canley) is President of Wikimedia Australia.