eViterbo: Implementing an open platform in academia
10-31, 16:00–16:15 (UTC), Room 1

eViterbo is a Wiki format platform developed by TechNetEMPIRE, a research project financed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology - https://technetempire.fcsh.unl.pt. The platform builds upon biographical data of building experts (people) and institutions across the Portuguese empire. The presentation will take a general tour on eViterbo (which uses mediawiki software, wikibase, with possible future connection with wikidata) discuss and explore the general aim, sources, the methodologies, problems and solutions of building up this collaborative, linked data, open-access tool.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

Participants will discover a case study from which they can learn about the challenges faced during the implementation of such a tool. As this is an ongoing project, participants will be able to contribute in several ways and, who knows, help to improve this platform.