Field photography in Bahia, Brazil before and after Wikidata as a tool to organize Wiki Loves Monuments in Brazil
10-30, 10:00–10:15 (UTC), Room 2

Participants will be presented with a personal narrative of field photography of monuments in the state of Bahia, Brazil that began in 2017. I used a print architectural inventory, the "Inventário de proteção ao acervo cultural", published in the 1970s; and a Google Map produced by the Instituto do Patrimônio Artístico e Cultural da Bahia (IPAC). My experience fundamentally changed in 2019 with the adoption of Wikidata to manage Wiki Loves Monuments in Brazil. In practice, the lists generated by Wikidata led me not only to unphotographed sites in the state; at present the WLM Brazil team's enhancement of Wikidata items is leading us from simply "an image" to a more comprehensive representation--photographic and otherwise--of these sites.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

A brief description of field photography in Bahia, Brazil with and without structured lists from Wikidata.





I'm a metadata librarian at the Northwestern University Libraries in Evanston, Illinois, USA. My main areas of interest are in authority control and separately, but not unrelated, the photography of listed monuments (bens tombados) of the state of Bahia, Brazil. Wikidata qid: Q57979330.

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