Wikidata and R: a perfect pair
10-31, 05:00–05:25 (UTC), Room 1

The open source programming language ‘R’ is a statistical computing language and environment, which is widely used for data manipulation, analysis and visualisation. It’s also a great match for Wikidata, the massive database of everything.

R is organised into packages that cover different capabilities. This session will be a live demo of the recently expanded package WikidataR that can read from and write to wikidata, disambiguate terms and more!

This package allows R's data handling power to be applied to Wikidata.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

those who use R: the ability to immediately apply the WikidataR package to their projects
those who don't use R: knowledge of what is possible and how relatively simple it is





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Thomas Shafee [[User:Evolution_and_evolvability]] is an evolutionary biochemist, bioinformatician and data scientist. He's most interested in bridging the Wikimedia-academia divide. He is also the Chair of the WikiJournal User Group and Editor in Chief of WikiJournal of Science.