Scientific greetings
10-31, 10:00–10:55 (UTC), Room 2

What aspects of Wikidata do you research? Which ones do you find challenging? In this condensed session each researcher will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their work to other colleagues in just around 5 minutes. They will also be able to ask for help, offer collaboration and find out what other colleagues are working on.

Due to time constraints, please sign up for the session on Wikidata as soon as possible if you want to speak.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

Opportunities to meet research needs arising to others, opportunities for them to meet research needs arising to you, and community building with colleagues with research interest in Wikidata.





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Gabriel Amaral is a computer scientist, graduated summa cum laude from the Federal University of Ceará, a PhD candidate at King's College London and a Marie Curie fellow. He is part of the Marie Curie European training network Cleopatra, which delivers approaches and technologies to build and use large-scale, multilingual knowledge graphs. His PhD thesis tackles the quality of references and the verification of claims found in Wikidata.

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