Demo of upload process for a wikibase instance
10-31, 14:00–14:15 (UTC), Room 1

At FOMU - photographic museum of Antwerp we are using Wikibase within The Gevaert Paper Project. this project is aimed at unlocking the photographic paper and documentation, photo packaging and sample books in the collection of Agfa-Gevaert. We aim to make these materials and the related information accessible as open data.

In this demo I would show how we upload our data with Quickstatements in a CSV file syntax. We’ve done it like this for our own WB instance because it’s easier to convert the data into this format than into a classical QST format.

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What will the participants take away from this session?
  • How to upload data in wikibase through Quickstatements with a CSV syntax.
  • The use of Wikibase in a GLAM environment.




Project associate in the photography museum of Antwerp(Belgium). Working on project that wants to make a knowledge base around photographic paper using wikibase.