Improving Women's Biographies through Wikidata - Experiences from Women in Red and the Smithsonian Institution
10-30, 22:15–23:00 (UTC), Room 2

This session examines and discusses some key Wikidata-driven tools in helping women biography projects for the Women in Red project and the Smithsonian Institution American Women's History Initiative including:
* Listeria – the tool for generating worklists from Wikidata, including Women in Red’s Redlists and the Smithsonian's Funk List of women scientists
* Infoboxes – how might Wikidata-derived infoboxes be improved on and more widely adopted
* Mbabel – tool for one-click creation of draft articles based on Wikidata content
* Translation – how might biographies in other language Wikipedia editions be used in translation tools and accessed in Listeria listings, and what is the current status of machine translation
* Cradle – forms-based interface for generating new Wikidata items
* WEF-Framework (and the challenge of women’s names)
* Humaniki – Wikidata-driven statistics for tracking gender gap progress

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What will the participants take away from this session?

Participants will understand the various ways in which Wikidata plays a central role in improving content around women's biographies and how a wide variety of tools help achieve this. The goal is to foster a discussion on how we might improve these practices, or learn new and novel ways to do more with Wikidata.





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Andrew Lih is Wikimedian at Large for the Smithsonian Institution in the United States and the Wikimedia Strategist for The Met Museum in New York City.

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Richard Knipel has served as Wikimedian in Residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, developing Wikidata and other projects there, as well as various wider GLAM projects through Wikimedia NYC.

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Board member Wikimedia District of Columbia