SDC Discussion
10-30, 12:30–12:55 (UTC), Room 2

Discussion of SDC-related talks

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Working with Dutch museums to detect the copyright status of works by using WIkidata.

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A Wikipedian since 2002, a former Chair of Wikimedia Foundation and a founding member of Wikimedia France. She is a free knowledge advocate, a public speaker and a consultant.
Since 2013, Florence is the co-leader on projects related to Wikipedia and Africa, as part of the WikiAfrica movement, such as Wiki loves Africa, Wiki Loves Women, WikiChallenge Ecoles d'Afrique etc.

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Hay creates digital things. He combines in-depth technical knowledge with a pragmatic approach and a creative angle. Designing, developing, tinkering and hacking on the thin line between art, data, technology and narrative.

Hay has been a Wikimedian since 2005 and created numerous tools, was the first Dutch Wikipedian-in-Residence, served on the Wikimedia Netherlands board and contributed to many Wikimedia projects,with text, images and data.

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Wikimedia and GLAM-Wiki volunteer mainly active on Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons; OpenGLAM advocate; part of the OpenRefine team

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