Look both ways: integrating Wikidata and OpenStreetMap
10-30, 21:00–21:25 (UTC), Room 1

Wikidata is increasingly becoming a part of the infrastructure for the OpenStreetMap project. Find out how Wikidata helps OSM maintain consistency, enriches geodata beyond what OSM considers mappable, and helps tell stories that neither project could tell on its own.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

Participants will learn a bit about the OpenStreetMap project from a Wikidata perspective and hopefully get inspired by the unique insights that can be gained by federating data from the two projects.





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Minh Nguyễn has been an OpenStreetMap contributor since 2008 and a Wikidata contributor since 2012. He is also a comaintainer of the Name Suggestion Index, a project that uses Wikidata to help make OpenStreetMap more consistent