Integrating Wikidata into education
10-31, 12:20–12:40 (UTC), Room 2

The way Wikidata bridges across many domains of knowledge makes it interesting as a component of education. Here, I will look at this from two main use cases: (i) basic digital and data literacy and domain-general knowledge, (ii) domain-specific literacy and knowledge. Use case i will be mainly discussed at about high school level, and use case ii at undergraduate university level. Zooming in on the latter, I will further distinguish between use cases that are closely related to data science (ii-a) or not (ii-b).

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What will the participants take away from this session?

Both generic and specific ideas as well as practical examples for how to include Wikidata into their own learning and teaching workflows, how to guide other learners and teachers in this space or how to include Wikidata components into curricula.





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Biophysicist and data scientist whose contributions to Wikimedia projects center around topics related to research, sustainable development and disaster management.

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