Wikidocumentaries - Invitation for collaboration
10-30, 17:25–17:50 (UTC), Room 2

Wikidocumentaries is a platform that connects information from across Wikimedia projects and other openly available repositories in the web and displays the information in visually engaging pages across all the languages of Wikimedia projects. The goal is to become a maker space for citizen historians, enriching existing and importing new information to Wikimedia projects and making them again available for the public and GLAMs.

This is an invitation for projects, repositories and creators to bring Wikidocumentaries to the next phase together. I will present a selection of possible integrations and I invite anyone to propose new ones before and after the presentation.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

I invite folks to start using the platform for discovery of different topics, and to join developing it. Interesting collaborations include creating visualizations, integrating Wikimedia projects, connecting to GLAM resources, creating roundtripping workflows and innovating new display formats bringing open content together in many ways. The most important next step is to allow contributions to Wikimedia projects by solving the bottlenecks in authorization.





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I am working for Open Access to cultural heritage at AvoinGLAM, connecting Creative Commons, Open Knowledge and Wikimedia in Finland.

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