Challenges and Lessons from a Pilot Project: Christian Hymns in Wikidata
10-30, 19:40–19:50 (UTC), Room 2

As part of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Wikidata Pilot, Wheaton College created and enhanced items related to Christian hymns, using one hymnal as the basis for a test data set for the substantial collection of hymnals in our library's special collections. Work has included modeling data for hymn texts, tunes, composers, and hymn writers; using Open Refine to reconcile data from with Wikidata; and creating/enhancing Wikidata items that link to Hymnary and Library of Congress identifiers. Some data modeling difficulties have yet to be worked out.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

A glimpse into data modeling challenges for a particular musical genre, a better understanding of how one smaller GLAM institution learned how to improve workflows as a project progressed, and a look at visualizations that identified gaps in global coverage of the data.





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Christa is an Associate Professor of Library Science and Resource Description Librarian at Wheaton College in Illinois. She has enjoyed experimenting with Wikidata since 2013.