Description from Wikidata on sister projects and concerns about vandalism
10-30, 10:45–11:00 (UTC), Room 2

Wikidata, although it has a lot of cross-wiki influence by providing data for sister projects, it has a comparatively smaller number of active users in vandalism’s monitoring {1}. Some vandalism, such as changing numbers used in article infoboxes, are usually innocuous and can be unnoticed for a long time whereas description changes are more problematic, as the effects are especially observable on mobile devices and can go unnoticed by vandalism patrols, as they act mostly on desktop. Although drastic measures like the abolition of the Wikidata description done by Wikipedia in English {2} can be considered, comprehensive measures such as deeper integration interwiki with the possibility of simultaneous editing {3} and history synchronization {4} or even simple measures like the display of Wikidata description of articles on desktop could be implemented {5}.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

Participants are expected to gain awareness of the status quo related to Wikidata's descriptions, the concerns emanating from the communities of the sister projects, the solutions presented towards those concerns and the challenges involved.





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