How to model a newsreel collection?
10-30, 20:50–21:00 (UTC), Room 2

The Israeli Film Archive (IFA), in collaboration with Wikimedia Israel, plans to release the data of their newsreels collection to Wikidata. The IFA holds a treasure trove of historical newsreels from the early 20th century until the mid 70’s, filmed mostly (but not only) in Mandatory Palestine, and later in the State of Israel. These 1,200 film reels comprise some of the earliest, rarest and most completed audiovisual documentation of the events and people who are a core part of Israel’s rich and challenging history.
The newsreels have been digitized, tagged and enriched with information such as geographical coordinates, people and events depicted, date or year, and so on. Most of the newsreels have English subtitles too!
As this project is the first of its kind – or at least, I couldn’t find a similar Wikidata project – we would very much like to consult Wikidata experts and other Information Scientists on how to model the data and carry out the project, in the hope that it will be helpful in the future for similar projects.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

To my knowledge, this is the first newsreels collection to be imported to Wikidata. Other communities may well benefit from developing a standard for audiovisual cultural heritage documentation.





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My name is Dr. Keren Shatzman and I am the academic and Wikidata coordinator at Wikimedia Israel.