Introduction to GLAMpipe, a flexible tool for reusable data
10-30, 13:00–13:25 (UTC), Room 1

In order to really use reusable data, one need flexible tools that are easy to use. This demonstration introduces GLAMpipe, a generic data tool that can be used for combining ,viewing and exporting data from Wikidata and other sources.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

The dilemma with data re-use and data tools with Wikidata (and other data sources) is that if tools are too simple, then they can be used only for very specific use cases. On the other hand, if tools are really flexible, then it means tools includes tons of buttons and options which make them difficult to use.

This demonstration shows one way to tackle this dilemma. GLAMpipe is built like onion where users can dive deeper from ready-made options to self-made functionalities in order to fulfill their data transformation needs.

After the introduction participants are able to try the tool themselves and see if it fits their purposes and workflows.





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In my day job I work with GLAM data and I'm constantly searching and developing tools to make things easier.