Knowledge Quality In Wikidata: Vandalism Insights and Data Collaborations
10-30, 21:30–21:55 (UTC), Room 1

Vandalism and data quality issues affect community trust. Amazon Alexa’s use of knowledge from Wikidata has yielded several insights that could help the community identify and address data quality issues more efficiently. This talk will showcase our findings and highlight the work Amazon is continuing to do with Wikidata to make a better community-driven knowledge base.

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What will the participants take away from this session?

Participants will be more familiar with voice technology and Wikidata's knowledge accessibility on Amazon Alexa. They will learn about some of the current observed data issues and vandalism trends, and how Alexa is working with Wikidata this year.





Chris is a Knowledge Architect at Amazon Alexa working on knowledge accessibility, Wikidata and Wikipedia.