Wikipedia races! An open tournament to find Wikimania's top wiki navigator
08-17, 13:00–14:00 (UTC), Park Royal Hotel Sky Ballroom
Language: English

In a Wikipedia race, internet users compete to "click" their way between two random Wikipedia articles in the fastest time, with the fewest "clicks." For Wikimania 2023, we want to host an open Wikipedia race tournament, where everyone can join, compete, and cheer along this search for the year’s top wiki navigator.

Wikipedia races are a popular way to use Wikipedia articles and the connections between them as a game board. The game is known by many names ( and has been developed into both custom game sites ( and printed in newspapers as puzzles for readers.

With the world's Wikimedians converging in Singapore, we wanted to host an open tournament that will be fun for participants and spectators alike. Our objective is to provide a session where everyone can come try something fun with skills they use everyday centering on the vast web of knowledge Wikimedians have given to the world.

The format of the tournament will require wifi, a microphone for announcements, and a projector or large screen. Competitors will bring their own computers. The rounds of competition will be adjusted according to the number of competitors who enter.

The event will be best timed for lunch breaks or at the end of a day. We believe that the event can also be livestreamed and allow for remote competitors. The winner will receive a trophy.

What is the experience level needed for the audience for your session?

Everyone can participate in this session

How will you deliver this session?

Hybrid, live: Some speakers will be onsite in Singapore and some will dial in

How does your session relate to the event themes: Diversity, Collaboration, Future?

This session is strongly tied to the COLLABORATION theme. The event will bring Wikimedians together, in a spirit of play, connecting both on-site and remote participants. While event participants will be competing, they will also be learning from each other. As the competition reaches its finalists, competitors who have been "knocked out" and spectators online and on-site will see how some of the movement's best "Wiki navigators" connect pages and topics.

Lodewijk is a Dutch Wikipedian since 2005 and was in 2010 one of the initiators of Wiki Loves Monuments in the Netherlands. In the years after, he has been part of the international team that helped grow the competition to span dozens of countries each year.
He was administrator on various projects, board member of Wikimedia Nederland (2006-2011), steward (2006-2010), member of the Affiliations Committee (2009-2014) and served in various other roles and committees. In 2021 he was named the inaugural Wikimedia Laureate (20th year honouree).

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I began editing Wikipedia in 2005 and attend my first Wikimedia event at the British Museum in 2011.

As a Master's student at the University of Cambridge, I completed the first academic study of Instagram, focusing on what motivates public creativity on digital networks. From 2011 to 2015, I worked in digital marketing in New York City and played a lot of soccer.

Today, I am Director of Brand at the Wikimedia Foundation. I lead a team of designers, creative leaders, and brand strategists that we call the "Brand Studio." Our goal is raise awareness and usage of Wikimedia projects around the world, expanding the global reach of free knowledge.

Photo = CC BY SA 4.0 Myleen Hollero

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